It has been a lifetime dream to share my thought collections with the world. As a former teacher, chaplain, and now a counselor, life has provided more than a few opportunities to collect thoughts. You will find a variety of thoughts from random musings to actual applicable lessons to be applied. The true intention of this page is to capture pearls of wisdom and share them with you.

The catalyst behind these thought ideas are the people I do life with everyday including my wife of 15 years along with my children ages 12 and 8. The greatest catalyst in my writing is derived from walking with others through their pain and struggle. This front row seat is messy. People really do struggle.

It is a challenge to provide nuggets of wisdom for people to apply to their lives in order to help them grow. Over time I have found many pearls produced through the struggles of people ranging anywhere from full blow crisis to petty day to day irritations. Irritations provide the substance to produce pearls. Pearls are gorgeous little jewels produced from an irritated oyster. Like a treasure chest, these are my pearls collected from my life and the life of others.

May these thought ideas grow you into the glorious flourishing life producing life that God has intended.

Dave Scott