God has given me a unique life, along the way I have collected stories. What good are these experiences if not shared with the world? It is a tragedy for people to die and take with them their treasure chest of life’s lessons and expressions. So here it is, my treasure chest of collections, thoughts, expressions, challenges, ideas, poetry etc.

I have found that brevity is brilliant. To distill a thought into it’s finest purest form is to take an idea and roll it over and over through the mind before unleashing it through the lips or fingertips. I liken my writing and thinking style to that of a distillery where the raw idea enters and gets refined and distilled until it reaches a point of being complete or mature or just plain ready to be poured into your glass to be tasted and enjoyed.

My creative catalyst are the people I encounter on a daily basis. This starts at home with my wife, then reaches out to my children. I draw upon experiences from my days as a teacher, chaplain and now my role as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. In all of these experiences stories and lessons are formed.

May these expressions shape you, change you, help you, may they edify your innermost being. It is my utmost desire to allow this platform to illuminate the glory of God above who through His Son Jesus has saved me, set me apart and is conforming me to His image. May these expressions be my reflection of my time spent in the cool of the day with the soft sound of sandaled feet.