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Life detour OR God’s wake up call?

detour-44162_640Sometimes we end up somewhere different than we intended.

Detours are Gods way of getting our attention to check the road we are on and make course corrections.

Don’t dismiss the detour, embrace the change of scenery.

Ask yourself the simple question, “What can I take away from this detour?”.

One Thing Application:

When was the last time you encountered a life detour? Were you made aware of a course correction during that time?

Kill the cul-de-sac 

Cul-de-sacs stunt growth.

To kill the cul-de-sac you have to go back to the beginning to start again.

Sometimes reverse is progress.

Cul-de-sacs frustrate the one driving and makes passengers car sick.

Cul-de-sacs exist so you will not stay there.

Choose to exit the cul-de-sac the way you came in and get back on the road of life.

One Thing Application:

Have you ever experienced the round and round experience of a cul-de-sac? I see this most often in workplaces where people are frustrated by the exact same problems everyday. Relationships are a breeding ground for cul-de-sacs as well. Share a time when you were caught in a cul-de-sac and explain how you got out.

Comfortable being uncomfortable


Routines create ruts which over time can become shallow graves. 

Choose one thing in your life that you KNOW will make you uncomfortable and do it.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Question: If you do not like where you are today what needs to change? 

Once you make up your mind to press play on your decision a release of adrenaline will shoot through your entire body like the fireworks before a football game, it’s the kickoff.


You will find that it never becomes comfortable to do hard things but you can learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

One Thing Application:

What is one crazy goal you can set before you? I chose to run a marathon and did it! How about you?

Conspiracy Monster


“In the absence of information conspiracies abound.” -Brene’ Brown

There is a little monster inside of us all called the conspiracy monster. This little creature lives between your ears and roars things that just aren’t true. The effects of this monster are far-reaching from the church to the classroom to the boardroom and even the bedroom. When left untamed this monster will ruin your life. The conspiracy monster feeds on bits of information with much room for interpretation.

Imagine you are surfing on social media and come across that family who always seems to post the “perfect” pictures of their life. What occurs next is food for the monster. It will say things like, “You need to do more with your family, they sure do have it all together, why are you so broke, must be nice being able to fly around the world whenever you want”. In an instant the monster has taken over your mind and polluted it with conspiracies of what might be true but probably isn’t.

The worse part is when we behave out of the conspiracy. We might act impulsively and spend money where we don’t need to because we feel the need to be more active like that perfect family, (chomp, chomp) the monster eats your checkbook. Or we begin to dislike our lives because they seem to be so boring (chomp, chomp) there goes your contentment.

How do we identify and defeat the conspiracy monster? First of all you are halfway there by simply identifying that the monster exists. Second you need to filter events that happen in your life through the truth filter. If you hear the monster chomping, press pause and ask one question, what is true about this event right now. The truth of an event frees you from the grip of the conspiracy monster. Better yet, the truth of an event frees you to behave out of that truth. When we behave out of truth we live with significance and contentment.

One Thing Application:

Have you been allowing the monster to eat you alive? It’s time to kill the monster. What can you do to filter the conspiracies thrown your way?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. View social media with the belief that what you are seeing isn’t THE TRUTH but a version of a person’s truth. Filter hard.
  2. When a person shares a victory in their life, pause kill the monster and genuinely celebrate with them.
  3. When information is scarce regarding a circumstance or event gather facts like a detective before giving yourself permission to behave out of the limited intel.
  4. Fill your life with truth statements, factual truths that pertain to you. The Bible is a great source of truths about who you are.
  5. Share these ideas with others especially teenagers.

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